Dictionary of Man-Made Fibers (2009)

Dictionary of Man-Made Fibers (2009)
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von Hans J. Koslowski

2. Auflage, Dezember 2009, 279 Seiten, gebunden

The first edition of the Dictionary of Man-Made Fibers was published in 1998. This updated English edition is based on the 12th German edition 2008 of the fiber dictionary. With over 1.200 terms and more than 1.300 literary references (books and trade journals), the book contains information on the whole spectrum of man-made fibers (including raw materials, basic fiber technology, fiber properties, end-uses, global statistics), and includes new fiber developments (microfibers, lyocell fibers, PLA fibers, elastolefin fibers, nanofibers and technical fiber specialties) and a historic overview of the global fiber industry.

The focus of the Dictionary of Man-Made Fibers lies in the technical and commercial aspects of the man-made fiber industry.

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